Kyzylorda Higher Medical College



Head of a methodicadepartment 

Baimisheva Perizat Оmirzhankyzy




Zeinebay Gulzira Ermuratkyzy






The methodical cabinet is the leading link in the structure of the college - the center of methodological assistance to teachers in the organization of the teaching and educational process, the center of methodical work in the college.

The Methodical Cabinet coordinates the methodical work, controls its implementation and preparation for use, organizes open measures to improve the learning process (open lessons, competitions, quizzes), conducts a review and exhibition of methodical works of teachers, etc.

The purpose of the methodical cabinet is to create conditions for the formation of the creative activity of the pedagogical collective, which carries out purposeful work on the implementation of the educational process.

The methodological room contains innovative educational and methodological material of the advanced experience of the pedagogical collective, methodological development of new pedagogical technologies, educational and methodological complexes of the discipline developed by the teachers.


1. to conduct a survey of pedagogical workers in order to identify factors that stimulate or impede the teaching, development and self-development of teachers, the ability of teachers to self-development;

2. to continue work on the use of new teaching technologies, methods that promote self-development, self-education and self-realization of the individual;

3. to assist teachers in the scientific and methodological support of the implementation of educational programs;

4. to intensify the development, introduction of new and improvement of existing teaching technologies, methods, tools and forms of the educational process;

5. promote the development of creative thinking of teachers, provide systematic development of professional skills laborers;

6. to improve the forms of increasing the level of teachers pedagogical knowledge;

7. To increase the motivation of the pedagogical team to engage in research, creative activity and self-education;

8. to support the voluntary and conscious attitude of teachers to the process of attestation and passing courses of retraining of pedagogical skills;

9. To continue work on the identification, study and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience not only within the college, but also on a city scale;

10. Develop the interest of teachers in publishing, the development of teaching aids, methodological recommendations, and the IMCD.

Research work of teachers and students

One of the priorities in the organization of methodological work in the college is the involvement of teachers in research activities.

College today solves the problem of enhancing professional adaptation of the individual, the formation of professional mobility in the conditions of high technology high-tech production. After all, the work of future specialists in a competitive environment requires the development of skills of experimental work. Classrooms and laboratories of special disciplines annually define the themes of experimental work and conduct it with the involvement of students. Long-term experience of participation in the Olympiads and scientific and practical conferences of various levels shows that the introduction of research elements into various forms of learning activities, the inclusion of students in diverse activities contribute to the formation of intellectual and cognitive activity, and is an effective means of developing the creative potential of future specialists. Teachers of the college are authors of publications, model programs. Printed work confirms the desire of creatively working teachers to openly share their pedagogical findings and achievements with colleagues, reflect a high professional and methodical level, stimulate further creative search, pedagogical self-improvement, and broaden the range of innovative activities.

 Work with young and newly arrived specialists

 There is a Beginners Teacher School in the college.

The main tasks of the School of the young teacher are:

· Creation of conditions for the development of an individual style of pedagogical creative activity;

· Assisting in the study and creative implementation in the teaching and educational process of the achievements of pedagogical science and best practices;

· Prevention of typical mistakes and difficulties in organizing the educational process, searching for possible ways to overcome them;

· Formation of the need for continuous self-education.

 For all the young teachers are assigned mentors. In the School, much attention was paid to this form of individual methodical work as a consultation. Young teachers received specific advice on difficult issues, samples of development of different types of training sessions, recommendations. Classes in the School of the beginning teacher were conducted in the form of seminars-consultations, round tables, pedagogical arena (speech on the topic to choose), etc.

The young specialist received help not only from a mentor, methodologist, but also from the head of the cycle commission, deputy director, psychologist, experienced teachers, curators.




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