Kyzylorda Higher Medical College

Physical Culture


The purpose and objectives of physical education:

The goal of physical education is to optimize the physical development of a person, the built-in perfection of the inherent physical qualities and associated abilities in unity with the upbringing of spiritual and moral qualities that characterize a socially active person; To ensure on this basis the preparedness of each member of society for fruitful labor and other types of activity.

In order to make the goal really achievable in physical education, a set of specific tasks (specific and general pedagogical) is solved.


The decision of problems on optimization of physical development of the person should provide:

-optimal development of physical qualities inherent in man;

- strengthening and maintaining health, as well as tempering the body;

-improvement of the physique and harmonious development of physiological functions;

-Multi-year preservation of a high level of overall performance.



The social educational tasks include:

- formation of various vital motor skills;

- acquisition of basic knowledge of a scientific and practical nature.


For conducting training tasks in the 2015-2016 academic year, the physical culture office uses sports facilities: a sports hall, outdoor sports grounds and a swimming pool.

Teachers of physical culture and college students take part in various competitions: athletics, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, mini-football, darts, chess, drafts, etc.


Sports contest of National Games among students of the College "National Games – spiritual wealth", organized by the Kyzylorda medical higher college




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