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Spiritual modernization of a Mature College-90 years!


Since ancient times, Eli Cheese is the center of education and science. At the same time, a special place is occupied by one of the oldest educational institutions of the Republic, founded in 1928, Kzyl-Orda medical College. Over 90 years of training, raised to the status of higher medical College, more than 30 thousand qualified specialists were issued.

90 years of life, migration, the country not only lectures tallara supply unique educational institutions in the Republic, 28 September-the anniversary in their home at the national level.

The event began with the opening of the center "Rouhani Damu" in the main academic building of the College. The opening ceremony of the center was attended by representatives of colleges in the Republic, graduates of different years of the institution, heads of medical institutions and veterans of medicine, invited to the 90th anniversary.

In the framework of the world health day on April 7, 2015 in the medical institutions of Zhezkazgan and Satpayev it is planned to hold open Days for the reception of the population in order to conduct screening preventive examinations, Express diagnostics and consultations of specialists on the aspects of healthy lifestyle.

At the opening of the centre with a welcome speech by the head of the regional Department of health Alnazarova Akmaral Sharipbaeva, which wished success in the development of the jubilee events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the institution, and also noted that in the history of the school demonstrates a good example of traditions of continuity of generations. Then there was a presentation of the collection "100 new names", which tells about the history of life and work of graduates who graduated from the University in different years, since the opening of the Kazakh obstetric College in 1928. In his speech, head of the Centre "damytu Rouhani," the veteran of pedagogical College Sharapatovi Ahmet Karapetovich stopped for this event.:

- The President of RK N. B. Nazarbayev Nazarbayev In the article "look into the future: Rouhani air" began a new phase of spiritual modernization of the country.

- In this regard, Kyzylorda higher medical College, which has a 90-year history, began its work with new stands in the history of the College. His testimonies are the centre of "the Rouhani damytu" and a collection of "100 New ESIM", which included the names of College graduates.

At the end of the solemn event the Director of the College Tasmaganbetov Saltanat Seitkaliyevna congratulated the graduates and veterans with a celebration of "the pride of the College is 90 years old!"- handed anniversary badges.

The solemn event dedicated to the 90th anniversary ended with the Republican scientific and practical conference on the theme: "the ceremony of education and competitive ability-the most fundamental factor of success" in the College. The conference was attended by the Chairman of the Association of legal entities" Union of medical colleges of Kazakhstan "shalkharova Zhanar Sailaubekovna, Chairman of the Association of legal entities" Union of medical colleges of Kazakhstan "on"problems and prospects of nursing service in Kazakhstan". - presentations were made by the Director of Kyzylorda medical College Tasmaganbetov Saltanat Seitkaliyevna, head of the Center "Rouhani air-Hayter Arau" Kyzylorda medical College Sharapatovi Ahmet Karapetovich and Deputy Director of the College Baigabilova Lyazzat Tlection.

The final event of the 90th anniversary of the Kyzylorda medical College A. a solemn meeting was held in the house of culture named after tokmaganbetov. According to the results of the competition, the first place, therefore, and the Cup of akim of the city, was won by the team of secondary school № 5.K. shingisov.

At the solemn meeting, congratulations were made by Deputy akim of Kyzylorda region Rustemov Ruslan Rustemovich, Deputy Director of the Department of human and scientific resources of the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan Kusainova Arman Sailaubekovna, head of the Department of education of Kyzylorda region Meldebekova Maira Turganbaevna, who presented anniversary awards to veterans, teachers and College staff.

It is worth noting that the 90th anniversary of the College coincided with the 85th anniversary of the first Director of the College, a qualified leader who headed the school for about 30 years, Zhambul zhaysan Jean, knight of the order "Badge of Honor", honored doctor of the Kazakh SSR Dautbayeva Sarah Tulegenovna. With the aim of educating the students feelings of patriotism, love of country, love of country, love of country, love of his people, his people, to the Motherland, his people, his people, his people, his people, his country, his country, his country, his country, his people, his country, his country, his country, his country,


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