Kyzylorda Higher Medical College



The State Public Enterprise "Kyzylorda Medical College" was established by the Order of the Commissariat of Health of the Kazakh ASSR on August 15, 1928 as "Kazakh Obstetrical College".


The director of the educational institution was a doctor named Proskovya Ivanovna Dobronravova, who came from the outskirts of Western Kazakhstan and was fluent in Kazakh, who worked until 1939, and in 1942 she was awarded the honorary title "Honored Doctor of the Kazakh SSR".


In 1933, 41 midwives were issued as first graduates. In the same year, the obstetrical technical school was renamed as a "feldsher-midwifery school" and the number of students reached 190 students.


In 1939-1941 the directors were doctors MD Nigai and ASLi. From 1942-1952 the director of the feldsher-midwifery school was BI Vidro. From 1952-1962 the school was headed by S.U.Makashev, H.M.Nauryzbaev, A.Fomkin.


By the order of the Ministry of Health of KazSSR in 1954 "Kazakh obstetrical technical school" was renamed as "Kyzylorda medical school". From 1962 to 1991, ST Dautbaeva was the director of the medical school. 1965-1980 remained in the history of the college as years of improving the material and technical base of the school.


During these years, a typical building for academic buildings and a hostel for 444 seats was built and put into operation. From 1991 to 2007, the educational institution was headed by RA Kuzdenova. Order No. 282 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan of June 14, 1996, Kyzylorda Medical School was reorganized into "Kyzylorda Medical College".


According to the order of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 13 of 08.01.1999, by the decision of Akim of Kyzylorda oblast No. 882 of January 22, 1999 "Approval of the list of state enterprises financed by the local budget", by order of the regional health department No. 32 of January 22, 1999 " Registration and re-registration of the regional health care institution ", on 25.01.1999 on registration number 3102-1933 in the Department of Justice Kyzylorda Medical College was registered as the State Municipal Public Enterprise.

The College has 1,588 students.

There are 1,475 full-time students.

113 students study at the evening Department. Of these, the disabled -12 students, complete orphans - 13 and orphans who have one of the parents - 110


Strategic Development Plan of Kyzylorda medical higher college for 2020-2025


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