Psychological service

Aims and objectives of the office of psychological services of Kyzylorda Higher Medical College

Purpose: the psychological health of students, the creation of favorable socio-psychological conditions and psychological support for participants in the educational process.


1. Conducting psychological and pedagogical diagnostics in various areas;

2. Make psychological and pedagogical conclusions and analyze them in order to concentrate the teaching staff on solving individual and social problems of students;

3. Participate in the planning and development of programs for the development and adjustment of educational activities, taking into account the individual and age characteristics of students;

4. Carries out measures to prevent the occurrence of social maladaptation, takes measures to provide psychological assistance (psycho-correction, rehabilitation, counseling);

5. To study the features of the socio-psychological state and adaptation of students in order to prevent and effectively eliminate the difficulties that arise;

6. Raising awareness of students about mental health, developing problem-solving skills and encouraging them to seek psychological help if necessary

The educational psychologist works in the following areas:

  • Psychodiagnostic direction;
  • Psychoprophylactic direction;
  • Psycho-corrective direction;
  • Psychological counseling;
  • Improving psychological knowledge;

College psychologists are working to ensure the full adaptation of first-year students to the educational process in the college and the full-fledged mental and personal development of students. It is also necessary to provide timely comprehensive psychological assistance to students, parents and teachers, comfortable psychological counseling, and the formation of a good psychological climate in the college. One of the most important forms of work of a teacher-psychologist is the organization of socio-psychological support for students in difficult life situations.

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Педагог – психолог: Әшімова Жансауле Есқарақызы
Еңбек өтілі: 13 жыл
Санаты: І
8 –708–704–79-74
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Педагог – психолог: Жәрімбетова Ақбота Жұмағалиқызы
Еңбек өтілі: 7 жыл
Телефон: 8-776–843–05 –84

Sensory room for psychological relaxation

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